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Class & Camp Registration Software

Camp Registration Software for patron sign up

Versai Camp Registration Software streamlines booking and makes managing reservations simple.

Camps and classes are a financial cornerstone for many museums. Versai offers the ability to schedule single-day or multi-day camps, offer variable session registrations, produce comprehensive rosters, customize confirmation letters and offer schedules directly to patrons online so they can sign up at their leisure.

Your reservation staff has the ability to:

  • See how many camp seats are available on a single screen.
  • Create a patron record including the child’s personal information such as birth date, allergies, and doctor information.
  • Make the reservation.
  • Take a payment: a deposit or in full.
  • Print or email a confirmation letter.
  • Keep the process fast enough for over the phone or for customers in line!

Save time and money with Versai Software’s online camp reservations.

camp registration software multi-day sessions

Daily and Weekly Camps

Flexibly schedule camp days and durations. Schedule camps for just one day or as many as you would like. Create sessions of several days in a week or the same day over several weeks. Book all the dates with one action.

camp registration software online registration rosters


Detailed camper rosters, summary schedule door signs, sign in/sign out sheets, and more. Everything to manage your camp participants quickly and accurately.

camp registration software real-time availability

Real-Time Online Reservations

Move camp registration the web. You will not only save staff time, but you will allow your patrons the flexibility to view schedules and reserve when it’s convenient for them.

camp registration software return on investment ROI reports

Track Profitability by Program

Detailed program histories showing number of people attending and revenue per program. Easily determine which programs are profitable.

We like the flexibility we have with Versai camps and the fact that Versai can accommodate our diverse schedules and pricing, and that most of our camps are booked online. This saves us a significant amount of staff time every day!

More info for Education and Reservation Teams

From start to finish, the Versai camp registration process makes the job easier for staff. All information in one database, gives you the flexibility to know who is a current member, allow a new registrant to become a member or renew an existing member right on the spot. During camp season, easily assign instructors, produce instructor schedules and manage daily rosters. Once camp season is complete, Versai will help you analyze which camps were profitable, which patrons responded to mailings, and which demographic areas could possibly use more marketing. Versai will provide the detailed analysis you need to be successful and profitable.