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Why Choose Versai



  • Industry Leader for Scheduling and Reservations: No other software system comes close to Versai’s functionality for scheduling and reservations.
  • Fast and Knowledgeable Support Services: No more waiting days for a return call. We respond generally within a few minutes. No more trying to explain your business rules to a junior support tech. Explorer Systems support staff combined has over 40 years in the museum business.
  • Online Tickets, Camps, Memberships, Donations, Benefits: Your 24/7 marketplace makes life easy for both staff and customers while reducing costs and improving your bottom line.
  • All Data in ONE Database: Versai tracks all in-house and online revenue you receive. This incredible wealth of integrated data fuels your marketing, grant writing, fundraising, and more.
  • Ownership and Control of Your Data: If the internet goes down, your system does not. Never lose access or ownership of your data.
  • Buy or Lease – No up-front or hidden software fees: All modules are included with one price per license. Install our software on as many computers as you like.
  • No hidden credit card charges: Some larger vendors charge as much as $0.25 per transaction.
  • Integrated Data – No expense supporting multiple systems: No error-prone upload/download and no time-consuming spreadsheets. All modules directly reference the same data.
  • Online Modules Save you Money 24/7: The Explorer eMuseum is always at work selling admissions, booking camps, renewing memberships, taking donations, and receiving benefit gifts. No staff required.
  • Save time and salary expense: Your staff will stay productive by getting the answers they need through easy access to support including 24/7 access to our support forum, training videos, and built-in manual.
  • Membership and 3D Barcode Ticket Scanners: Quickly scan members barcode cards and visitors with 3D print-at-home tickets into the museum.
  • Gift Cards: Activate and track gift cards. Holders may redeem at the front desk, gift shop, or online.
  • Paperless Member Passes: Keep easy track of automated member guest passes. Paperlessly redeemed at the front desk or online.
  • Touch Screens: Quickly admit visitors with fast and easy-to-use touch screen monitors.
  • Ticketing Kiosks: Cut down time your visitors wait in line. Allow visitors to purchase tickets and renew memberships from your busy lobby or parking garage using self-service kiosks.
  • Wireless Admissions: Admit visitors and check in schools as buses arrive using a tablet PC.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing: Process credit cards anywhere in your facility. View all credit card data on one report.
  • Customizable: Report, merge letter, member card, and ticket templates, as well as web content, are at easy to alter as you like.
  • Scalable: Explorer Systems museum management software currently runs facilities of all sizes, from small children’s museums and medium-sized technology and science centers, to large aquariums and zoos.  You won’t outgrow Versai.
  • No Limits: Explorer fits your way of doing business. Unlimited patron records, ticket templates, pricing categories, membership levels, development drives, membership card templates, thank you letter templates, etc., provide you with the maximum flexibility in automating routine tasks.
  • Reporting Your Way: Versai offers a large array of customizable reports geared to your specific needs, such as revenue by department, school attendance, and detailed Daily Schedules. Each report maybe modified to suit your particular needs with filters and sorts.
  • Data Access: Whether it is site-specific access to data or unique one-time-only queries, your data is at your finger tips.
  • 100% Up-Time: Your data resides on your server, in your facility. Explorer does not rely on an outside internet connection.
  • Real-Time Information: All point-of-sale, web, and kiosks show real time availability. All reports display up-to-the-second data.
  • Facility-Wide Integration: Versai eliminates the need for offline Excel spreadsheets and handwritten calendars. One database – departments = reliable information
  • Data Integrity: Versai’s streamlined system eliminates duplicate data points. Extensive auditing and exception tracking helps keep your data accurate and meaningful.
  • Over 25 Years in the Museum Industry: Explorer is designed by and exclusively for museums. We do not buy other products and try to make them fit. All software development is in-house and written to specifically address our clients’ needs.