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Ticketing Kiosks & Scanners

Versai Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks and Admission Scanners expedite and streamline the admissions process for your busy museum and provide your visitors with a fast, staff-free alternative to waiting in line. Walk-in patrons can purchase single tickets or combination tickets for themselves and others in their group. Members can log in, renew their membership and purchase member discounted tickets all at the same time.


Increase Revenue and Customer Convenience

Advertise your venue and sell tickets and memberships at local or remote locations. Choose from a variety of durable, industry standard kiosks that can be customized with your graphics, and that suit a particular physical environment.

Customizable Sales Window

Offer only the ticket packages and admission categories you want. Offerings stay streamlined and simple.

Easy Membership Renewal

Members who are close to expiration are prompted to renew their membership at time of purchase.

Print Tickets and Receipts Immediately

Print tickets and receipts directly from the Kiosk. Thermal ticket designs can be the same as those purchased at the front desk.

Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Intuitive interface leads customers through the purchasing process
  • Combo Tickets are a snap
  • Purchase tickets with credit cards or use Versai gift cards
  • Receipts and tickets print instantly
  • Lowers guest queues during peak periods
  • Customized tickets print with
    2-D barcode for smart scanner admission
Increase Member Satisfaction
  • Kiosk provides member pricing
  • Eliminates need to go to ticket window
  • Memberships can be renewed as part of any transaction
Integrated Solution
  • Capacity for events are real time
  • Tickets print instantly
  • Receipts are comprehensive and site designed
  • Central database integrates Kiosk with entire Museum
  • No per ticket charges
Capabilities Include
  • Magnetic stripe reader for gift cards and credit cards
  • Touch screen monitors eliminate the need for a keyboard
  • Ticket printer prints both receipts and tickets
  • Integrated credit card authorization