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Aquarium Software

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Make admission easy for your guests with Versai Aquarium Software by Explorer Systems!

As your aquarium software, Versai Museum Management Software can provide unlimited ticket packages, combos, and pricing options. Members are recognized immediately and discounted automatically, even when they shop online! Versai’s powerful database allows your large facility to keep your staff connected with integrated information, news of the day, detailed schedules, and pop-up notes.

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All-in-One, Completely Integrated, On-Site Database

Worried about having sensitive material stored on some unknown cloud? Concerned about doing business when the internet goes down? Versai Aquarium Software keeps you in control and offers 100% up-time with your private, secure, in-house system.

Five Things Versai Aquarium Software Can Do for You

Group and School Field Trips

Schedule and book while on the phone. Email confirmation letters, accept deposits, and invoice after the visit. Apply and track grants. Generate detailed attendance reports.

Special Events

Whether you rent all or parts of your facility for weddings or parties, Versai Software for Aquariums helps you schedule, price, and manage it.

Gift Shop and Concessions

Maintain multiple “stores” (locations) and inventory with flexible discounts, tax criteria, and custom categories. Guests may buy and renew memberships while shopping.

Membership and Development

See precisely who your customer is, ages of children, membership use, giving histories, online donations, custom letters, retention rates, and attendance at member-only events.

Smart Admissions

Admit visitors via print-at-home tickets, kiosks, smart scanners, or ticket counter. Paperless check-in and electronic member passes are also available.

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