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Nonprofit Development & Fundraising

With Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software, you have a complete picture of your donors and prospects.

Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software supports your fundraising efforts every step of the way. Unlike standalone systems, Versai’s donor database is fully integrated with your other operations so you can see all the ways donors are involved with the museum.

Since Versai Museum Management Software tracks every point of participation from individuals, households, schools, and companies, you have a wealth of information all in one place. No need to go combing through separate systems. Versai’s Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software gives you access to powerful, flexible reports, and query tools so you can find out who your prospects and donors are and how to increase their participation.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could customize all your letters, or even reports, without calling in a tech person or paying an extra fee? With Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software you can! We offer a broad range of summary and detail reports. In addition, you may create and use an unlimited number of pledge reminders, thank you letters, merge letters, labels, envelopes, promotions, and customized report templates. You can also export data into a spreadsheet should you choose to analyze it that way.

When you next run an annual appeal, the comprehensive query tool in Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software will help you identify the people you wish to solicit, check for duplicate household records, and honoring the wishes of those who prefer not to be mailed. You’ll have access to a variety of salutation maps and custom salutations to ensure you respectfully address donors. When donations come in, Explorer will keep track of them by campaign and promotion, so you can see how you did against your goal.

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The Versai Difference

Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software stands out from other software solutions because your donor and prospect data is integrated with other contact points such as attendance, membership, and gift store purchases. More information means better targeting.

Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software donor salutations

Unlimited Contacts and Salutations

Keep detailed, private notes, and schedule calls with Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software. Comprehensive salutations make sure you address donors how they prefer to be addressed and appropriately every time.

Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software solicitation goals

Easily Monitor Fundraising Goals

Set and easily monitor all fundraising goals. Whether it is a monetary goal for a drive, campaign, or solicitor, Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software keeps up-to-the-minute records on progress and percentages to goal.

Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software donation pledges

Easy Pledges and Reminders

Entering, tracking, and managing pledges is a snap with Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software. Create pledge schedules in seconds, and adjust payment plans as needed. Run reminder letters for upcoming payments with our intuitive interface, and then print or email right from within Versai.

More Info for Development Teams and Fundraisers

Versai Nonprofit Development & Fundraising Software offers a robust Contacts Management module so you can monitor all contact points with prospects and donors. Set up unlimited solicitors, give them goals if desired, and send them PDF reports to keep them abreast of how they are doing. Let Versai alert you when you have upcoming contacts to make.