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Track Member History

Versai’s Membership Software allows you instant access detailed information on members such as memberships by zip code, number of attendances, number of store purchases. Easily see which members are attending and which are not.

membership card

Your Choice of Card Media

Unlimited fully-customizable membership card formats. Include your logo, any member data field and a bar code. For card media, choose plastic cards, key chain cards, paper cards, punch-out, peel-off cards, or another media of choice.

Gift Card

Easy Gift Memberships

Giver may purchase gift membership at front desk, in the gift shop, or online. Membership card may be automatically sent to giver or recipient. When ready for renewal, send to giver first, then to recipient if giver does not renew.


Email Renewal Letters

Experience the freedom of Versai’s Renewal Letter features. Comprehensive interface allows you to send customized letters by level, date, and type of membership.

More info about Membership

Having a membership system that is fully integrated with front desk, gift shop, donations, and web ensures smooth management of your members and a high level of service. When a patron becomes a member at the front desk, they are instantly a member in the gift store. No upload/download or time consuming duplicate data entry. Automatic smart scanners quickly admit your members at the door with no hassle and no wait. Versai currently provides a happy experience for more then 500,000 museum members nationwide.