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Gift Shop POS Software


Versai’s Gift Shop software facilitates the POS needs of museum gift stores. With Versai, your customer base is the same as the rest of your site, eliminating duplicate data entry and facilitating a faster, more responsive customer experience.

Memberships are integrated, and all store purchasing activity may be analyzed alongside other participation patterns, helping you form a more complete picture of your customer. Versai makes it possible to completely account for where your inventory has gone, including to your other internal departments.

Track member purchases and send catalogs or flyers to members who have purchased items. Set up and apply an unlimited variety of site-defined discounts, such as Teacher, Clearance, $1 off Coupon, or Volunteer.

Track internal transfers, such as damaged items or education lab supplies, and produce itemized accounting reports for interdepartmental funds transfers.

Patrons who become members in the lobby are instantly members in the Gift Shop.


Versai Handles Multiple Stores

For sites that have multiple stores, Versai provides a convenient way to manage them all with one set of inventory! You can receive items into and sell from and report from any store.


Member and Customer Purchases

Track member and customer sales without holding up the line. Simply scan a membership card or look up the customer. Versai will automatically apply their discount or make the sale tax exempt.


Enterprise Inventory Management

Versai uses continual inventory, where items are constantly being added through receiving and subtracted through sales. You can also make manual adjustments when needed.


Quick Checkout

Scan manufacturer UPC codes or your own item barcodes to sell items fast. Adjust quantity, price, taxability, or apply a discount with a push of a button.

More Info…

Versai Gift Shop includes many useful and automated functions, such as seasonal reorder points, (like a tickler file for the inventory manager), customized Purchase Order forms, full or partial check-in of orders, and the ability to cancel orders not received or change their status. We provide powerful and comprehensive reports, and you may customize every one of them to better suit your needs.

Some reports include: cashier close out, receiving, orders, item value, top sellers, slow movers, discount margins and profit/loss statements, detailed cashier reports, purchase history by customer, monthly sales report, and detailed sales-tax.