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Wish you could time travel?

You work hard and wear lots of hats to keep things running smoothly at your site. Versai can lend a hand!

With real-time online registration, let Versai do the busy work and free up staff to do what they do best: Inspire guests! With Versai you can manage school visits and group tours precisely and easily, including tracking special needs, numbers in grades, and chaperones. Finance can easily track invoicing balances and enter checks when they arrive. Your members will be delighted with easy scanner admission, online renewal, integrated credit card processing, and the ability to purchase multiple gift memberships while shopping in the store! Marketing and development can access a complete picture of your guests and all they do to participate with your site.

Completely Integrated, Secure Solution

Worried about running your business over some unknown cloud? Want to keep admitting visitors when the internet goes down? Versai keeps you in control and offers 100% up time with your private, in house server.

As a new museum employee and first-time user of Versai, I very much appreciate the technical assistance and on-line classes provided by the Versai team. They have given me the help I needed to quickly become a proficient and confident user of the Versai.

– Andrea Hardee
Advancement Assistant/Membership Coordinator
The Schiele Museum of Natural History

We have paid for Versai many times over through integrated, centralized and consolidated procedures. With Versai managing all revenue streams, budget and cost centers are easy to account for and control.

– Chuck Aumann
Senior Systems Administrator
Discovery World

Five Things Versai Can Do for You

Fast and Flexible Admissions

Large crowds are admitted quickly and efficiently with smart scanners, print at home tickets, and touch screen kiosks.

Camps, Field Trips, Birthday Parties, Events

Comprehensive schedules, sign-in/sign-out rosters. Book camps, parties, group and other special events online.

Robust Membership

Custom member cards and thank you letters. Detailed retention rates, member involvement and lapsed member data. Member-only events and pricing. Full online membership functionality.

Integrated Gift Shop

Fast scanner sales. Sell or renew memberships. Accurate, continual inventory for multiple stores. Easy Inventory count. Flexible discounts. Slow or fast movers. Sales by customer.

Development, Marketing, and Finance

Versai coordinates with general ledger accounts and makes your finance team happy! Our integrated database shows precisely who your customer is, ages of children, membership use, and most popular programs. Target members who are not donors but have attended. Detailed giving histories and online donations.