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Visitor Services


General Admissions

With Versai you may set up unlimited types of attendees, prices, and shows. Discount tickets by attendee, date, or day of week. Produce combo tickets for multiple venues, or just print receipts. Move lines quickly with integrated credit cards. Ask marketing surveys of walkup customers.


Camp and Class Registrations

Never double book again with Versai’s scheduling watching out for you! Push a button to book age-specific, multi-day classes, either in-house or online. Track allergies and who can pick up children. Produce sign-in sheets, detailed rosters, and schedules. Price per day or per program.


School Visits

Our customers tell us Versai handles school visits better than anyone! Schedule and book program(s) on any date/time available while you’re on the phone! Email confirmations to teachers and invoice the school for balances due. Track grade and minority attendance for grant writing.


Birthday Parties

Schedule rooms and themes, include add-ons such as cakes and goodie bags, and price per party, child, or both. Allow customers to book parties online if you choose. Accept deposits upon booking, then print or email confirmations. Easily adjust attendance numbers on the day of arrival.


Groups and Events Galore

Versai provides everything you need to manage all types of attendance events. Offer scout badge programs, sleepovers, adult education, member only events, lectures, group tours, guided field trips, teacher workshops, facility rentals, weddings, and more! Versai will do it all.

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The Versai Admissions package is the finest and most robust in the industry. Larger sites will not find another software with more features to satisfy your complex business rules and procedures. Smaller sites will not find a more user-friendly tool to help you immediately start selling! You will never double-book a venue, an instructor, or a child, because Versai keeps track of all schedules in your entire facility. Create shows, classes, and other events in advance or on the fly, it’s your choice. Assign instructors ahead of time or the day of, and change their schedule at a moment’s notice. Print summary or detailed schedules by day, week, instructor, arrival time, or school name. Analyze attendance on a wide variety of reports, and see projected revenue for future bookings. Coordinate with accounting on receivables so they always know who to invoice for balances due and who needs refund checks. No matter how large or small your operations, with Versai it is easy to track who is attending what, when, where, and for how much. Tightly integrated modules provide a wealth of data all departments can act on quickly and effectively to provide the highest level of customer service possible.