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Who Owns Your Data

In this day of Cloud-Based technology, savy IT techs are asking, “Who owns my data, where does it live, and who controls my server? Answer: You Do! With Versai you will not loose your data when you discontinue “The Cloud” nor will you be down when the internet is down.

Access to Support Services

Versai’s support staff is available by email, phone, and GoToMeeting sessions. We offer video tutorials and one-page How Tos as well as an Install Manual and other documentation. If you call, a person will answer. If you email, we get back to you promptly.

PCI Compliance

No credit card data is stored within your database. All online transactions are done via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Ease of Maintenance

Versai is easy to install. Just run our installer program, which takes no more than a few minutes. Then point to the machine’s peripheral devices one time and you’re done. Versai is also simple to maintain. Updates can be automated, and only happen once or twice a year.

More info for IT

Versai is largely maintenance-free for the IT tech. Larger sites with their own IT staff will appreciate how little Versai imposes on their time. Smaller sites will appreciate that they rarely need to call in their consulting firms to assist with Versai. For those occasions where new IT tech’s need to accomplish a task or learn how to manage Versai, we have detailed How To documentation, free and paid online training classes, and even consulting services if you find you need a little extra help.