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Know Your Customer

Versai tracks all patron activity: membership, visit, shop purchase, donation history and more. In addition, surveys of walkup customers track zip code, reason for visit, etc. With Versai you have a complete picture of your market.


Increase Participation

Versai provides myriad ways to reach more people in more effective ways. Information at your fingertips tells you most popular events, zips needing more ad coverage, and families need a ‘we miss you’ email.

Jelly Bean

More Effective Promotions

Detailed demographic and attendance data illustrates where your marketing is effective and where you could improve. Versai tracks costs of mailings and discounts, so you can tell if the money you spent was worthwhile.

Shopping Online

Online Applications

Attract more visitors, and perhaps a different type of visitor, with Versai’s eMuseum. Online purchases save staff time, and many customers prefer it. Patrons can book classes, make donations, renew memberships, and purchase gift memberships, all in one convenient transaction.

More info for Marketing

Take charge of your marketing campaigns with powerful Versai merge letters, email capabilities, reports, and queries. Find out who your camp participant really is and which camps sell out, so you can offer future events that you know will be successful. Offer specific discounts to attract an under-served segment of your customer base.

With Versai’s integrated solution, you control every aspect of your customer experience. Analyze reports to find out how you are doing. Single data points make your patron name and address records more accurate. Versai helps ensure you don’t alienate customers with duplicate letters, wrong names, or bad addresses. When you send correspondence, choose from an unlimited number of custom salutations.

Customers can update their own information online, making sure you always have current contact info, as well as child names and ages. Versai provides a complete picture of your customers at all times, so you can respond to their needs, attract new visitors, and encourage participation.